Chet Woodside

Makes digital products
I have 15+ years experience concepting, designing, developing, and launching digital products. I started my career as a front end web developer, then an interaction designer, now a digital product director/manager.

Currently I am the digital product manager at the Georgia Straight newspaper/media company

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  • The Georgia Straight

    Digital product manager

    - (Ongoing)

    Oversees the discovery, strategy, execution, user understanding, and iteration of existing and new online products. Works across the company to leverage processes, analyze data, facilitate decision-making, resolve conflict, and direct the full life cycle of the digital product channel(s).

  • Innovent Media

    Founder, product director

    - (Ongoing)

    Creating digital experiences to bring your product ideas to life. We work with companies and entrepreneurs to discover, create, and execute their digital product goals.

  • Uncharted Jounalism Fund


    - (Ongoing)

    The Uncharted Journalism Fund is "a small group of private citizens concerned about the shrinking state of journalism yet excited about possibilities of new media and technologies, the fund plans to issue grants of up to $3,000, in whole or in part, four times per year."
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  • Cosmicblend Studio

    Founder, product director, ux designer, developer


    Clients included:
    Denim & Steel, The Feldman Agency, Small Business BC, Yakify, 49Research, Successfulyou, Tradestart, ImageXmedia, GlobalActivators, Grey Advertising, Origin Design, The Bakery Network, Unifiller, Ergomatix, Bidclix, Weyerhouser, River Production, Infinity Productions

  • 49 Research

    Lead product designer, ux designer, senior frontend web developer


    Concepted, researched, designed, and implemented complete product visions. This included information architecture, user experience, and full stack web development.

  • Small Business BC

    UX designer, lead web developer, project manager, speaker


    Lead interaction design for a new Small Business BC website and a handful of other websites and web based tools that the organization maintains. This involved outlining each website (or tools) mandate, business goals, reader/customer goals, and technical requirements (the why, what, and how). This usually required the creation of content models, experience maps, mental models, process diagrams, and sitemaps. Performed full stack development and implementation for most of the organizations websites.

    For a little over two years (2008 - 2010) I taught seminars and held one on one advisory sessions with various small business owners. These sessions ranged from beginner to advanced discussions on how web based business works. In this role I also recruited and actively maintained relationships with a variety of domain expertise specific speakers.

  • Unifiller Systems

    Web developer, videographer, editor, compositor


    Redesigned, developed and launched a new Unifiller website. Implemented and continuously monitored's website analytics, a network campaigns, and overall website usability. Provided post production, editing, and motion graphic effects used for advertisement in tradeshows, promotional, and instructional videos. Developed and authored all DVD materials including DVD interface design.

  • Make Wordpress

    Co-founder, creative director, lead frontend developer


    Reveiwed, defined, and designed each clients templating and Wordpress plugin needs then scheduled each project into the work queue based on available time. Worked with clients through the development process, made sure all their needs were fulfilled. Redesigned and transferred clients existing websites into Wordpress managed websites.

  • Interactive Tools

    Product specialist


    Installed, configured, themed, and helped guide customers with the set-up of their interactivetools CMS software solution. Supported customers with all aspects of the integration process, created customer specific tutorials to help with integrating advanced CMS feature options. Helped to troubleshoot any HTML, CSS, XML or Javascript issues the customer may run into.

  • Freelance video editor + motion graphics artist

    Self employed


    Provided storyboarding, editing, website development, flash microsite development, and DVD design services for varied freelance clients. Clients ranged from corporate production to indie film.